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I am confused. What type of massage shall I get?

If you are unsure what massage to pick, I would first ask if are you looking for relaxation, treat a specific muscle with pain or both? If you are just looking for relaxation, Swedish Massage is reccomended. If you are a regular gym goer, an athlete or just somebody with lot of aches or pains in the body, Sports Massage is reccomended. If you are unsure of what you want, and you are not used to high pressure massage but you want to heal the current pain you have in your muscles and relax at the same time, Deep Tissue Massage is reccomended.

What happens in Sports Massage?

The objective of the Sports Massage is to treat specific muscles in pain. A sports massage is a manual muscle therapy which consits of initial consulatation, range of motion tests, massage therapy and M.E.T stretching. A sports massage is usually where Firm pressure is applied to target the underlying muscles and connective tissues causing microtrauma to the muscle fibres. Some stretching will be applied to specific muscles. 

Shall I book 30 mins, 60 mins or 90 mins massage

If money is an issue and you are not able to afford massages and you just want to try massage as a first timer, then 30 mins should be ok. However  if you want to book any massage, it is reccomended to book at least 60 mins. If you want a full body massage (upper body and front body), 60 minutes of deep tissue massage or Swedish Massage is ideal as it doesnt require any initial tests and any other manual therapies.  However, it is not reccomended to have a full body sports massage for 60 mins. Sports massage is very targeted and it is not possible to cover full body in 60 mins, due to other therapies involved with it. For full body it is reccomended to book 90 mins sports massage. For upper body or lower body, 60 minutes sports massage shall be ok.

How can I make sure you are genuine and a qualified sports masseur?

I have been doing Swedish massage for the past 12 years. I started doing Sports Massage 5 years ago. I have level 3 qualification from body aid solutions and level 4 sports therapy from London school of Massage. I have also done specialized  osteopathy short courses from a renowed osteopath John Gibbons.

Do you accept LGBTQ people?

LGBTQ doesnt need acceptance! They are humna beings just like you and me! We have had regular customers who classify themself as gay, lesbian and trans. 

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