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Swedish Sports Massage
Unit 75 Flexspace
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Swedish Sports Massage is located in Leeds, a commercial location just next to Leeds city center. Our aim is to get you treated for ongoing aches and pains. We can treat a specific injury or ache by doing sports massage or injury treatment. A sports massage usually starts with a brief consultation and posture analysis. If you are looking to relax and unwind, then Swedish Massage is recommended. If you are the type who prefers stronger pressure and to treat minor aches on various parts of the body, then a Deep Tissue Massage is highly recommended. We offer various other services too. To know about each specific service, please click and chose one of the services below.

Cupping Therapy


Swedish Masage

Swedish Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage

injury treatment

Injury treatment

Deep tissue massage


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

About Us

Swedish Sports Massage is run by Hitanshu Arora and Paris Hussain.

Hitanshu is the founder and is a qualified Sports Massage therapist with Level 3 and Level 4 Sports Masage qualification. He also has a Masters in Nurition and studying to be a functional medicine practioner.

Paris is a qualified physiotherapist, licensed by HCPC. He has great knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, which he can use in treating musculoskeletal disorders such as neck, shoulder, knee, lower back pain and other muscles.

Both the therapists  have a unique approach to treating pain. Treatment involves hands-on techniques such as myofascial release, PNF stretching, soft tissue release, rehab exercises, joint manipulation , mobilisation and ofcourse Sports Massage

We are located in Leeds on Burley road and parallel to kirkstall road. The entrance of the studio is from Leeds English Language school which is next door to the uber office. The location is very easy to reach with free car parking

We Are One of the Top Physical Therapists in Your Area.

"Have been visiting Hitanshu regularly for 2 years now and always have had a great massage from him. He is a very professional, warm and friendly guy. I always go for an incall in what is a very calm and relaxing environment. I particularly appreciate the strong neck and shoulder treatment. He certainly know his craft, Highly recommended

William Helyar

"Excellent and professional service. Took time to understand my issue ( nerve pain in shoulder) and tailored the treatment to match. Great location, easy parking . Will be back.."

Tony Bastin

"Hitanshu is an excellent masseur and adjusts the pressure exactly as you want it. He was aware of my injuries and even did some assisted stretching to treat my tight muscles. I would definitely recommend him. "

Melanie Kemeny

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear in the session?

The type of clothing you should wear depends on the parts of your body that need to be worked on, but we encourage all patients to wear (or bring) appropriate attire. Lightweight, loose-fitting, flexible clothing is excellent, and it’s strongly advised that you bring some shorts with you for unrestricted movement/assessment. Ladies, you must have underwear on. Men, boxer shorts are not recommended, so you must have brief-style underwear. Some men prefer to be naked, and that is totally fine. You will be covered with towels in the session anyway. You are welcome to change at your appointment and ladies will have a private space to do so. We need you to be at ease and comfortable during the course of your therapy.

Do I need a doctor’s permission to be treated in the session?

Most of the time, you can receive care from us without a doctor’s referral. To ensure that you are healthy enough to receive treatment, you will always have a brief consultation at the beginning. In the unlikely event that you are not, you can postpone your appointment after having received your doctor’s permission.

I am a regular gym goer. What message do you recommend?

Sports massage! Without a question! The word “Sports” says it all. This massage is designed for athletes. You do not have to be a professional athlete to get Sports Massage. If you train hard in the gym, at least three times a day, Sports massage is recommended. The stronger pressure in Sports massage is proven to release and reduce tension in muscles more than Deep tissue massage. Waste products such as lactic acid are released during high-intensity workouts. Sports Massage helps in the removal of lactic acid and thus reduces pain in the body. All of this promotes recovery and minimizes the likelihood of muscular injury.

Will I feel sore after the treatment?

After your massage, you could feel sore, but don’t worry; this is entirely natural. Some treatments can be quite intense and experiencing mild effects like this afterwards is not unusual. Once your session is over, you will always be informed of how to manage this in the aftercare phase.

What qualifications do you have?

I am a fully qualified, registered, and insured Sports Therapist. I have level 3 and level 4 in Sports Massage Therapy. It basically means I have studied the anatomy of the muscles and various techniques of manual therapy. In level 4 I have further learned how to do posture analysis, assisted stretching, and trigger point therapy. I have also done a specialized osteopathy course in the shoulder and glutes. In addition, I also have a master’s in nutrition, so I understand the physiology of the human body.

What type of massage do you recommend for the first-timer?

The three main types of massage I offer are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Sports Massage. In simple terms, Swedish massage is a relaxing massage with soft pressure. Deep tissue massage has a stronger pressure. Sports massage has the strongest pressure, but it also has trigger points and assisted stretching included. If you never had a massage before, it is recommended to try the Swedish Massage. It has the lowest pressure, which anybody would be able to take and no matter what pressure you have, the benefits of blood circulation are still going to be there.

What's the best way to get to your studio? Is there free parking?

If you are driving. Please type “Swedish Sports Massage” on Google Maps. Make sure the location you are reaching has the postcode LS4 2PD. However, do not type the postcode on Google map! Please type Swedish Sports Massage. Once you are at the location, please park your car in a big free car park in front of the Leeds English Language School. Please wait for me at (Blue Door) at the entrance of the Leeds English Language school. Again, car parking is free!!

If you are taking a bus. Bus number 50 and 49 bus stop is right next to the car parking area. The name of the stop is …

Can I use the gym after the massage?

You are to refrain from doing any strenuous exercises after the massage session for at least 24 hours. Your muscles will be softer and looser following the massage and you will be more likely to injure yourself, so it’s best to allow your body time to recover and settle from the massage

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Sports Massage in Leeds

Sports massage is a type of deep tissue massage that involves manipulating soft tissue to alleviate pain and tightness while also increasing mobility. Sports massage can also help you perform better, avoid injuries, and recover faster after you exercise.

Deep tissue Massage in Leeds

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Swedish Massage in Leeds

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Open Hours

Mon – Fri — 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday — 9:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday — 9:00am – 9:00pm

Swedish Sports Massage
Unit 75 Flexspace
Burley Road
Leeds LS4 2PU
Swedish Sports Massage
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Gaurav RewariGaurav Rewari
16:57 30 Nov 23
In my short visit to leeds i got a slight ankle twist, i visited this place and within no time my pain disappeared almost 90% … hitanshu deep tissue massage technique were amazing and his cupping therapy ( quite unique) also relieved my pain …
James ChurchillJames Churchill
09:59 28 Nov 23
Had a sports message with Hitanshu on Friday. I do a lot of sports: gym, running and boxing so sport’s recovery is very important. Pressure was perfect and impressed with his knowledge and expertise. Highly recommend if you’re in the Leeds area.
Rhyanna MughalRhyanna Mughal
21:55 26 Nov 23
Hitanshu was really welcoming and knowledgeable. I booked in for a Swedish Sports Massage hoping it would somehow fix my very tight and painful back - thinking this was a long shot.However, after talking through what problems I was having, Hitanshu tailored the massage to my needs and the next morning I woke up pain free for the first time in 4 months.I would really recommend Hitanshu to any of my friends and family.Thank you so much - I will definitely be returning!
Robert MooreRobert Moore
22:24 24 Nov 23
My coach recommended Etanshu to me has I was getting plain and unable to preform in the gym due to a sports injury. My Quads and tendons, where very plain full whilst doing exercises in the gym , which motivated me into get some help am honest. I found Etanshu to be very professional and happy to listen to my to issue within the consultation he explained what would happened in the session and give me some advice to follow too.Although the session was painful, but he puts your mind at easy and talk throughout the session.After one session I am very happy to stay he had reduced my plain by at least 50 percent after just the first session. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends or family , he is very skilled at his profession and very knowledgeable.
22:17 24 Nov 23
Hitanshu was absolutely amazing! Couldn’t recommend highly enough 🙂
Mia YoungMia Young
14:40 19 Nov 23
Great massage by Hitanshu, helped relieve a lot of pain
Louisa BeadelLouisa Beadel
14:22 19 Nov 23
A thoughtful, thorough treatment. Would recommend!
Tom FrithTom Frith
12:43 19 Nov 23
Hitanshu at Swedish Sports Massage really is the very best! Friendly, welcoming and a first class massage. Incredibly relaxing and an excellent environment too. I highly recommend and will definitely be returning soon! Thank you.
Panos PanagiotouPanos Panagiotou
14:19 17 Nov 23
Megan BoothMegan Booth
22:07 15 Nov 23
I had a massage today and was one of the best I have had! He managed to get really deep where my muscles were tight and I am feeling amazing afterwards 🙌
Yuvaraj EswaranYuvaraj Eswaran
22:07 02 Nov 23
I was in a lot of pain with my shoulders and back. I had a great session with Hitanshu and felt relieved at the end. He understood the needs of my body and was considerate in applying right pressure. The place was easy to find with parking facilities. Also he offered late evening appointments which suited my needs. Overall it was fantastic and I will certainly visit again in the future.
Pascha Al-QassabPascha Al-Qassab
09:49 25 Oct 23
Hitanshu was friendly and professional, and clearly had great knowledgeof sports therapy and massage. My massage was very relaxing, but alsofocused on all the sore bits I requested, and got out all the knots.Would definitely recommend!
07:59 25 Oct 23
Hitanshu is very knowledgeable and professional. He gave me one of the best Sports Massages. He even used a massage gun which I hadn't experienced berore. I left feeling amazing. I will be returning and recommend his services fully.
Thomas BanisterThomas Banister
07:12 25 Oct 23
Hitanshu assessed my mobility and recommended my massage treatment. The massage was strong and effective. I will be visiting again soon.
Martyn SmithMartyn Smith
17:43 09 Oct 23
Great Massage, friendly nice environment, very welcoming and listened to my needs. I would definitely recommend.
Marcin FrątczakMarcin Frątczak
21:09 12 Sep 23
Skilled masseur. Very friendly and professional. Warm and cozy room, nice music and skilled hands. Perfect combination.
Oscar LeesOscar Lees
09:20 18 Aug 23
I had an initial 60 minute treatment and found Hitanshu to be thorough and professional. He did some tests before and after to determine where there were any knots/tight areas and the range of motion was improved after the treatment. He was also sensitive in applying the right amount of pressure. Recommended!
16:17 14 Aug 23
It was my first time receiving a sports massage so I didn't really know what to expect but Hitanshu made me feel very welcome. He took the time to understand my main concerns and talked me through the process. Overall, it was a great experience. I would highly recommend his services. I could tell Hitanshu was passionate about his work and that he wants his clients to get the most of out the experience.
Andyh HaighAndyh Haigh
08:01 27 Jul 23
I turned up at Hitanshu’s clinic with my back completely blocked, unable to stand up properly or walk without pain. He did everything he could to get me going again, giving a very professional massage and talking me through it all. I left feeling myself again wit my range of movement restored. Highly recommended 👍
Rebecca NorburyRebecca Norbury
17:24 11 Jun 23
First time visiting and was a great experience. He took the time to listen and run through my concerns. I had full back shoulders and legs done and felt a lot better even right away.He was professional attentive and explained what and why he was doing at each stage, the environment was great to relaxing music and lighting with a lemongrass infuser.I would recommend, felt like a holistic approach rather than just a massage really tied to identify the issues I was having.Will be back soon!