More about Swedish and sports massage

About me and my education

*I have 10 years experience with 5 star reviews in Google
*Level 3 sports massage therapy qualification
*Bachelors in Food Science & Nutrition, Leeds University, Leeds, UK


My Location

*My studio is located in Leeds in my personal apartment
*I have a massage bed, towels, massage oil and great relaxing music to listen to while you have your massage.
*My apartment is right at the Leeds City Centre at LS1 3BR
*Meter Parking available onsite.


Services and prices

* Sports Massage
For clients with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction caused by all sort of strains. It also helps in good blood circulation and lymph drainage. £50 an hour or £70 for 90 mins

* Swedish Massage
Main purpose of Swedish massage is increasing blood circulation and promoting relaxation.£50 an hour or £70 for 90 mins

* Relaxing Massage
I also do relaxing massage. I combine some Thai, Swedish and reflexology techniques in my massage to make you relax.£50 an hour or £70 for 90 mins


What do customers say

On top of that, according to my customers, I have magic hands. My hands will make your mind and body relax. If you chose to have Swedish or sports massage, I will make sure either of the massage treatments is beneficial and at the same time relaxing for you.